Link / URL Privacy Protection

Our software identifies illegal exposure of email content sent though your Email Service Provider. Using our proprietary software, we can identify unwanted third-party (your email service provider -ESP- to be exact) exposure to your correspondence, including links, images and attachments and you receive a privacy report showing the exact information that was mined from your sent or received email.

Google Reportedly Allows App Developers to Read the Private Messages of Gmail Users

Deliver All Your Email From One Reliable Platform

MailGenie Systems enables email delivery for your whole team. Integrate via API, SMTP, or build and send email campaigns using our online email marketing tools to start sending mail quickly.

Send Better Email

Whether you need to secure your business, send some big data emails, or notify users/workers, our platform makes it easy to create an email with automated rules, campaigns and templates that best suits your message.

See how you’re doing

There’s always room for improvement. MailGenie’s reports show you how well you’re connecting with your audience and how much money you’re bringing in. Wel give you customized tips for improvement, and you can check in from anywhere with our mobile dashboard.

Trust Your Critical Email to the Cloud

MailGenie’s cloud-based email delivery infrastructure allows you to send email without having to maintain your own in-house email infrastructure.

Automate your marketing

Keep a personal touch with your clients list. Pre-built marketing automation creates room to focus on strategy.

Send With Confidence

Our email service is trusted by developers and marketers for time-saving, scalability, and delivery expertise.

Industry-leading Inbox Delivery

MailGenie offers a superior email delivery platform along with proprietary software to make sure your emails reach your recipients.